A Loose and Chaotic Assortment of Emotions

I am writing this post on the evening before my last day living in Austin, Texas. The place where I have lived for the past 9 years. The place where I found my roots, my people, and my sense of belonging. For many, the occasion of moving may be stressful, annoying, off-putting, or much-needed.. likeContinue reading “A Loose and Chaotic Assortment of Emotions”

The Courage to Feel Fear

Let me paint the scene I am currently experiencing for you: It’s May 8. My boyfriend leaves tomorrow for his 6 month season as a backpacking guide in Yosemite. I just finished an intense and difficult 45 minute yoga flow focusing on power holds and hip opening. I finish the yoga flow, and began toContinue reading “The Courage to Feel Fear”

What The Hell Am I Doing?

So I guess it’s high time I explain what’s going on in my world. After 5 whole years of being a normal, highly-functioning, *mostly* responsible adult, I QUIT. I just quit the whole business of it all. Well, I should say, I’m QUITTING, because it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, from where we sit rightContinue reading “What The Hell Am I Doing?”